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Loose Lips Marketing! We tell everyone your business.

Some advertising agents/companies focus only on the production of materials and sellable services rather than focusing on YOUR Business. Loose Lips Marketing strives to get your name out with cost effective solutions based on YOUR individual needs.

As Business Operators, we too, know that marketing is more than a couple ads placed here and there. There needs to be a reasonable marketing plan and a budget outlined. Each aspect of a marketing plan needs to have a reason and work with other parts of the plan.

An understanding of the difference between branding and advertising, helps us to develop a better marketing plan that creates buzz now and later.

Take Action If you are tired of just advertising and ready to develop a full marketing plan for your product or service, call Loose Lips Marketing. 859-202-1425 Some of our Services…

  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Graphic Design
  • Websites

Our work… Samples of print and web designs.

Website designs

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