Print Marketing

Whether they’re designed for a local newspaper, a trade publication, a magazine or a program for a special event, you print advertising has to accomplish four things:

1. Draw the viewer in

2. Make sure they know who you are

3. Sell them on the BENEFITS of you or your service/product

4. Tell them how to make a purchase

Good print advertising accomplishes these goal in a creative way, but never emphasizes design over effectiveness. Having said that, the role of design is critical in making your print advertising an investment that pays you a return. Anyone can put type on a page, but developing a concept that highlights the benefits of what you do in a way that induces prospects to become purchasers, requires talent, training and experience.

The right headline, copy that engages the reader and a graphic that gets them interested in the first place, combined with a format that makes sense and appropriate white space, are key ingredients in a productive print ad.

Just as important, though, is when and where you run the ad.

Because a brochure, catalog, direct mail piece or package may be your first contact with a potential client, it’s critical that each piece be designed and printed to work as hard as possible on your behalf.

We design printed pieces of all types, working with quality printers who specialize in different types and quantities of printing to assure you the best quality at competitive prices.

We design and oversee the printing of business cards and letterhead, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, point of purchase material, direct mail campaigns – in short, printed material of all types. And we handle every detail, from writing copy and developing the design to getting print bids and supervising the print process.

We also integrate the execution of each piece into your long-term plans, to extend the shelf life of each piece and keep it relevant as long as possible. And, as with our ads, every piece we produce is designed to sell your product or service, and to present your company in the best possible light.

Print Design


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